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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly are BAGEL-FULS?

A: BAGEL-FULS are a warm, golden bagel and smooth PHILADELPHIA cream cheese deliciously rolled into one. The easy prep and convenient shape mean a wholesome, warm breakfast can be ready in less than two minutes -- with no plates, mess or effort. BAGEL-FULS are also available with scrumptious fruit filling.

Q: What are the different BAGEL-FULS varieties?

A: BAGEL-FULS are available in eight delicious varieties:

Q: How do you store BAGEL-FULS?

A: BAGEL-FULS can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, and can be stored frozen for one year.

Q: How do you prepare BAGEL-FULS?

A: We recommend storing your BAGEL-FULS in the refrigerator and toasting them for the best results. However, BAGEL-FULS are also delicious if microwaved or eaten straight out of the refrigerator. If frozen, BAGEL-FULS should be heated in the microwave for best results. Clear preparation instructions are provided on the side panel of each package. Please note cooking time varies by toaster or microwave.

Q: How are BAGEL-FULS packaged?

A: BAGEL-FULS are available in 10 oz.-packages containing four, individually wrapped 2.5 oz.-filled bagels.

Q: What is the nutrition and ingredient information for BAGEL-FULS?

A: The BAGEL-FULS nutrition and ingredient information can be found here.

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